Can Sneakers Be Resoled?

The resoling of sneakers is a common practice in the sneaker industry. It’s not only done to make sure that your shoes last longer, but also to maintain their original color and texture. However, there is an art behind it and there are many factors that contribute to how well it will be done on your sneakers. If you are wondering if this is something that can be done or not, then read on!

Yes, you can have your sneakers resoled.

Yes, you can have your sneakers resoled. It depends on the type of shoe you have and what you’re looking to do with it. For example, if you have a pair of canvas shoes that are in good condition and just need a little bit of wear on them before they’re ready for resoling, then it may not be worth repairing them.

However, if you have some old Converse All Stars or Nike Air Jordans that have seen better days (and probably require more than just a quick clean), then this could be an option for you!

It depends on the type of shoe you have.

It depends on the type of shoe you have.

  • The more expensive the shoe, the more times it can be resoled. For example, if you have a pair of sneakers that cost $100 but are only good for a few months before they start to wear out, then those shoes will probably need to be replaced after just one or two resoles. On the other hand, if your favorite pair of sandals has been through five or six years worth of wear and tear without needing any kind of repair work done on them yet–then maybe these sandals are worth saving!
  • The less expensive your shoes are (or vice versa), generally speaking there will be fewer options available when it comes time for repairs or replacements later down the road

The cost varies depending on what you want done to it.

The cost of resoling sneakers varies depending on what you want done to them. You can get a simple resole for $25, or you can spend more if you want something more complex, like re-covering the shoes with new leather or stitching them together with thread and leather.

The price will also vary depending on where you get your shoes resoled. If you’re in an area where there are many shoe repair shops, then those might be able to offer better deals than others because they have greater access to supplies and equipment that would allow them to do a better job than a local retailer would be able to perform at their own location (e.g., if one store doesn’t have enough glue/glue sticks available).

Note that some shoes will not take that many times being resoled.

In general, sneakers can be resoled up to five times before the shoe begins to wear and tear. This is because the shoelaces are made of synthetic material that doesn’t stretch very much. The more you wear your shoes, the less they’ll last–and if you don’t keep them in good shape, they won’t last very long at all!

Some types of shoes do not take as many resoles because they’re made from leather or suede materials that don’t stretch out as much as other materials (such as canvas). For example, some brands make canvas sneakers so that their designs remain consistent over time by making sure there aren’t any splits or tears in the leather upper portion of their shoes that could cause damage when walking around on hard surfaces like pavement or concrete sidewalks during rainy weather conditions where water gets underneath ones’ feet first instead going into ones’ soles where it would dry quickly enough before causing any serious issues later down line when washing those same clothes again after taking them off yesterday afternoon while getting ready for bedtime tonight…

The general rule is that they can be infinitely resoled, but there are exceptions to this rule.

The general rule is that sneakers can be infinitely resoled, but there are exceptions to this rule. Shoes that cannot be resoled include those with a thick sole and those with a heel made of rubber or plastic.

Shoes that only have a few chances to be resoled are also excluded from the infinite resoling possibility. These shoes might have been worn out by time or by too much use, so they cannot be repaired again as well.

You should get them re-soled if they are old and tired looking.

If your sneakers are looking worn and tired, then it may be worth getting them resoled. Getting a pair of sneakers re-soled is relatively cheap and easy to do yourself. You can find a local shoe repair shop or online resource that specializes in this type of work.

If you have had your sneakers for a short time and they are still in good condition (or better), then there’s no need to replace them just yet!


You’ve probably heard the term “shoe-wear.” That’s because it’s a common phrase used in shoe stores. It refers to how well the soles of your sneakers are holding up. If they start showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time to get them resoled! However, not all sneakers can be re-soled–it depends on what type of shoe you have and how old it is. For instance, if your sneakers are too big or too small for your feet then there is no way they will fit correctly after being resoled; likewise if they have holes where laces used to be located then they won’t work as well either (I don’t know why anyone would want holes in their shoes anyway). Once again though: if your shoes look worn down or aged beyond repair then get them resoled ASAP!